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BREAST CANCER NEWS is sent out weekly to breast cancer survivors and health care professionals all over the country and overseas. The information is intended for educational purposes only, in order to help patients make informed health choices. It covers information on cutting edge treatments, complementary & alternative treatments, diet, exercise and stress reduction and clinical trials.

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2019 ARCHIVES (click on the title)

1. Common Preservative in Personal Care Products Linked to Breast Cancer


2. Diet and the Precautionary Principle-  From the Breast Cancer Options 2019 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar


3. Scientists Test Three Solutions for Cleaning Pesticides Off Produce: The Winner is Clear, Chemical-Free and Surprisingly Cheap


4. Almost Half of Breast Ca Mutations Missed by Test Criteria -Similar rate of variants in women included, excluded by NCCN guidelines


5. Lifestyle Factors, Cancer and Gene Expression - from the 2019 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar


6  Researchers Reveal Hair Dyes Have a Direct Connection to Breast Cancer


7. HOW TO STAY HEALTHY IN A TOXIC WORLD - From the Breast Cancer Options 2019 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar. 


8. FDA Takes New Look at Breast Implant Safety


9. Stress as a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer and Recurrence. Stress Impacts the Immune System, Sleep, and Hormones


10. New Online Tools Offer Path to Lower Drug Prices


11. SABCS 2018: Low-Dose Tamoxifen in Reducing Recurrence and New Disease for Patients With Breast Intraepithelial Neoplasia  


12. Cancer and Circadian Rhythms: The Basics


13. 18 Steps To A Healthier Life For You And Your Family-  From the 2019 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar 


14. Harmful Toxins in Cosmetics: What to Avoid


15. Dietary Supplements for Cancer: Safe or Not? Some supplements can interfere with therapy - while others ease chemo and radiation side effects.


16. Exercise is best for reducing breast cancer recurrence


17. Breast Cancer Gene Expression Altered by Walnut Consumption


18. Breast Implant Recall: What You Need to Know


19, How To Stay Healthy in a Toxic World- From the Breast Cancer Options 2019 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar



22. Could Decreasing Inflammation Be the Cure for Everything? Managing your body's immune response is key to diseases of aging


23. Magnitude of Reduction in Risk of Second Contralateral Breast Cancer With Bilateral Mastectomy

24. Large Study Finds Nightly Fasting Helps Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence. Nightly fasting could reduce breast cancer recurrence, according to a study that looked at more than 2,400 women with early-stage breast cancer. 

2018 ARCHIVES  (click on the title)

    1. Lifestyle Factors and Breast Cancer: What's New? What Works? From the 2018 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar.

    2. Frequent hair dye use linked to increased breast cancer risk. However scientists stress there's no definite cause-effect relationship

    3. What Your Gut Has to Do with Your Breast Cancer Risk

    4. Food As Medicine - From the 2018 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar.

    5. Researchers are studying the link between sleep and cancer

    6. Blue light like that from smartphones linked to some cancers, study finds

    7. Most Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer Can Forgo Chemotherapy When Guided by a Diagnostic Test

    8. New approach to immunotherapy leads to complete response in breast cancer patient unresponsive to other treatments

    9. How to Decrease Breast Density to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

    10. Making Informed Medical Decisions- Understanding Risk- From the 2018 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar.

    11. Is There a Link Between Bacteria and Breast Cancer?

    12. Is The Financial Burden Of Cancer Impacting Survivors' Quality Of Life?

    13. Stress-Reduction Therapy May Hike Breast Cancer Survival Rates

    14. Does Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Getting Cancer?

    15. 10 Things You Should Expect From Your Doctor


1. Cancer & Risk-Reducing Nutrition2. Naturally Occurring Symptoms May Be Mistaken for Tamoxifen Side Effects

3. Before Breast Cancer Surgery, A Question Every Patient Should Ask Her Surgeon

4. Location of Receipt of Initial Treatment and Outcomes in Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors

5. Half of breast cancer patients experience severe side effects Study finds side effects cause extra burden for patients, health care system

6. Absolute Risk and Relative Risk (How to Make Medical Decisions)

7. Survey: Most patients with cancer have never heard of clinical practice guidelines, clinical pathways

8. Myth vs Fact: The Skinny on Cancer

9. Study: Cannabidiol (CBD) Kills Breast Cancer Cells

10. Administering cancer treatments according to circadian rhythms can increase chemotherapy effectiveness while decreasing toxicity

11. Increased risk of 11 types of cancer linked to being overweight, researchers warn

12. About 80% of Women Have PTSD Symptoms After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

13. Artificial Light at Night Increases Breast Cancer Risk- More breast cancer cases occur in high-light urban areas

14. Aspirin Intake and Survival After Breast Cancer

15. Drinking tea may alter women's gene expression

16. Combining vitamin C with antibiotics destroys cancer stem cells

17. Just one alcoholic drink a day increases breast cancer risk, exercise lowers risk: New Report:

18. Lowering Cancer Risk and the Risk of Recurrence- From the Breast Cancer Options 2017 Healthy Lifestyles Calendar.

19. Cancer Survivors Need the Truth and the Whole Truth Upfront- Long-term survival can mean serious biological changes

20. Dealing With Treatment Side Effects- From Breast Cancer Options Healthy Lifestyles Calendar

21. New study provides BRCA mutation carriers guidance for when surgery has greatest impact

22. Even Insured Patients Are Overwhelmed By The Cost Of Cancer Care

Administering cancer treatments according to circadian rhythms can increase chemotherapy effectiveness while decreasing toxicity.

24. Outdoor light at night linked with increased breast cancer risk in women

25. Cryoablation: Freezing away breast cancers

26. Melatonin, an inhibitory agent in breast cancer.

27. Gut bacteria 'boost' cancer therapy

28. PTSD Rates Among Patients With Cancer Are Three Times Above the General Population

To receive specific articles in our archives e-mail us and indicate the year and article number. If you want an article and the link no longer works please contact us. We have them all in our database.    BCO News is brought to you by BREAST CANCER OPTIONS, a grassroots organization focusing on Education, Support and Health Advocacy, The information is intended for educational purposes only, in order to help you make informed health choices and may not have been touched upon by your doctors. We are not doctors and we do not recommend any particular treatments. We are sending this information to advise you of the complete scientific overview that is currently available, although we may not necessarily endorse it.  UA-37770514-1http://www.breastcanceroptions.org/